Buying or selling a property is a significant financial transaction.

As property law professionals, we never lose sight of the value a property holds for our clients. Business or residential. Old system title or rural. Torrens title, strata title, company title or community title. Protecting your rights requires expert knowledge.

When transferring ownership of property, the devil’s in the detail.

At HBL, we’re 100% focused on the detail.

Being attuned to irregularities with a legal lens makes all the difference. If conveyancing
challenges arise, our legal firm has the skill to address them. As a client, you’re reassured our priority is seamless transactions with positive outcomes.

Property Development and Project Management
Working with large scale projects keeps us up to date in property matters within and outside our region. From simple transactions to multi-million-dollar projects, our clients include:

  • corporate and institutional owners
  • property developers
  • commercial and retail landlords
  • commercial tenants and
  • residential owners

HBL's professional advice extends to these areas of property law and conveyancing:

  • Buying and Selling of Property
  • Building and Construction Contracts
  • Consolidation and Subdivision of Land
  • Leasing and Licensing – Commercial, Industrial and Retail
  • Planning and Environmental Law
  • Property Trusts
  • Strata and Community Title Schemes
  • Taxation, Stamp Duties and other Property Charges
  • Valuations
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